Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are to ensure effective engagement with the client and Matt Winstanley. Where this document refers to "the client(s)" it means whoever is making the booking with Matt Winstanley. Where an individual is booking on behalf of others, the group's acceptance of these terms and conditions is given through the booking organiser.

These terms and conditions have been written with the intention to be clear and understandable. If you have any trouble understanding the document or have any questions or queries regarding its content please get in touch.

Where the statement within the terms and conditions only applies to the 'paddle sports' part of Matt Winstanley this will be clearly stated.

Assumption of risk (Paddle Sports only)
Taking part in any form of paddle sport, safety and rescue and outdoor pursuits involves an element of assumed risk. By participating in this course/training/coaching you agree that you will follow all safety instructions given to you by the staff on the course. You also understand that you must take reasonable responsibility for your own safety where appropriate. All reasonable precautions will be undertaken by the staff on the course to keep your safe, but it must be understood that minor injuries can happen as part of these activities. During the course training/coaching, it is your responsibility to look after your own personal belongings and your vehicle, Matt Winstanley cannot be held responsible for any loss to personal belongings sustained during the course. Any medical conditions must be declared on the booking form and any changes to this declaration must be passed onto the course staff prior to the course starting.

Disclosure of medical
Any medical condition (and/or medication being current taken) which affects your daily health and may impact on your involvement in the activity must be disclosed to the lead member of staff the course, either prior to the activity or at the start of the course/training/coaching. Should medical information have changed since filling in a booking form the staff must be updated as soon as possible. These conditions include (but are not limited to) heart conditions, breathing issues, joint problems, vision issues, allergies, asthma, spine/back pain, dizziness and any pre-existing or recent injuries/conditions.

Refusal to engage
In the interest of your own and the group's enjoyment and safety, Matt Winstanley reserves the right to refuse to engage with a client where their behaviour, medical condition and/or physical ability may make it unsafe or inappropriate to continue with an activity. In the interest of safety, we also reserve the right to refuse to engage with a client where the kit and equipment that they present with to a course/session/activity is not at the appropriate standard. Where possible an alternative activity/solution will be offered to the problem if it is reasonable to do so.

Venues used (Paddle Sports only)
We will always aim to choose the best possible venue to operate in, considering your needs, the aims of the training and where appropriate the environmental requirement of the award being undertaken. Sometimes these venues may not be safe to operate in (eg too high/low water levels) and we may need to change to alternative venue which may require additional transport and journey time. We will do our best to ensure that this has a minimal impact on the course. The situation may also arise where an alternative venue may not be available, in which case the course may be cut short or cancelled in the interest of safety. Where a course/session is cancelled due to a suitable venue not being available the course staff will discuss with the client the best course of action which may involve delivering the course on an alternative date or a refund being given for any training which could not take place.

Usage of own kit (Paddle Sports only)
On courses You are responsible for your own kit and equipment during your course/training, any personal losses to kit and equipment will not be reimbursed by Matt Winstanley. You are advised to hold your own insurance for equipment loss/damage.

Usage of kit and equipment provided
Please look after any kit and equipment you are given to use as part of your course/training. Should any damages/losses occur out of negligence or lack of care we may seek to recover the cost from either yourself or your group.

Payment of additional fees
Unless expressly included as part of your course cost Matt Winstanley is not responsible for paying any cark park (or parking fine) charges incurred, water access fees, venue fees or meals. For some courses, there are certification/registration fees which will be charged in addition to your course cost (usually payable on the day) unless they are expressly included in the original quotation of your course cost.

Replacement staff
In some instances, it may be necessary to use other staff to provide the training/course. This may be at the request of the client or due to the need to bring in a specialist holding technical expertise in a specific field. Where it is known at the point of booking that alternative staff will be required to deliver a course/training (e.g. Matt Winstanley unavailable) you will be made aware of this immediately. If there are unforeseen changes to the staffing on a course/training you will be made aware of this change at the earliest possible opportunity.

Reserving a place on a public/open course
Unless agreed prior to your booking, once you have completed a booking/registration form you need to arrange payment for your course. A non-refundable deposit of 25% of the course cost is required at the time of booking, with 50% being payable a minimum of 4 weeks before and 100% being payable a minimum of 2 weeks before the course date. If these payment terms are an issue (or a barrier to your participation) please get in touch prior to making your booking.

Cancellation of Courses Due to unforeseen circumstances
It may be necessary to cancel a course/training/session. We will always aim to give you as much notice for this as possible. Where appropriate we may be able to bring in an alternative member of staff to deliver the course, rearrange dates or offer a refund. Any additional costs or losses incurred as part of a cancellation (e.g. transport/accommodation) will not be reimbursed by Matt Winstanley.